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Transports Fabry


The Transports Fabry fleet covers 40 or so motor vehicles and about 60 trailers. The business boasts expert knowledge about large-volume transport operations.

The fleet primarily comprises lorry-trailer units with a 38 Euro palettes capacity for a 120 m³ volume, with 3-meters inside height. It also includes 95 m³ semi-trailers that can carry 34 Euro palettes with a maximum height of 2.78 meters.

We provide services throughout the Benelux countries, France, Germany.

We also offer a daily distribution service throughout Belgium and Luxembourg.

 Porteur 7 mètres pour la distribution

Porteur Fabry



 City 1 essieu pour la distribution

Transport city


City 2 essieux pour la distribution

Transport city


Semi remorque

Semi remorque


 Camion remorque grand volume

Camion Remorque grand volume

Porteur : 8m x 2,50m x 3,00m            Remorque : 7,40m x 2,50m x 3,00m




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